¡Hi! 👋🏻 I´m

Karina Taboelle

“There are many bad reasons to start a business. But there is only one good reason and I think you know what it is: to change the world”

– Phil Libin, fundador de Evernote.

Introducing Myself 👩🏻‍💻


I am 34 years old and I am from Venezuela 🇻🇪. I love dancing salsa and reading. I played professional basketball for +10 years, and the game taught me about teamwork.


My parents, Covi and Roberto were very young when they came to Venezuela and there they built a family of 5 (I am the oldest). Both of my parents were owners of their own company, sowing in me the entrepreneurial seed.


I discovered that entrepreneurship was my passion when I was 26. Although on second thought, since I was 19 I already had different initiatives. I was designing and selling cover cases for Blackberry and video game consoles for some time.


I studied graphic design, because I was good at drawing at school. But the truth is that after a lot of studying and working, there was something that I was missing to connect with.


I co-founded my first company called Café con Leche in 2012; and it was a total failure, it did not last long, which took us to sign the commercial register and then transferring the shares. The reason? In legal terms and like in a divorce: Irreconcilable differences. The truth, very different points of view on a business.


In 2012 I participated in an event that changed my life: the Startup Weekend. During that weekend I shared with +60 entrepreneurs and mentors, creating and designing a business idea in an accelerated way.


There I discovered 3 things:

  • The adrenaline of undertaking fills my heart.
  • Mentoring in a transformative space.
  • Design became then a tool, but not my profession.


Years later I worked on  finding my way. I studied and participated in more events and connected with the right environment.


In 2015, I co-founded 4 Startups Venezuela,  a  technology development company. It was an incredible experience where I learned a lot about technology thanks to my partner and a lot of training in project management, and clients as well. The most remarkable lesson is that during these years I understood that technology was a tool, but the important thing was in the business.


In 2016 I studied, recognized and understood mentoring in depth and decided to connect my path with this practice. I founded Sperto, to support the entrepreneur from a network of mentors.


I decided to find a mentor to live the process and boost my professional development. I found my guide, the person who, to me, has been an example to follow, and from whom I have learned and who has helped me accelerate my personal and professional development process. That moment was the closest thing to a marriage proposal 😅:

– KT: I wanted to know if you want to be my mentor.

– DdB: yes, go ahead (that’s all she answered).


During the same year  I became a facilitator and the national coordinator of Techstars programs for Venezuela, accompanied by more than 20 editions until 2020 (Startup Week and Startup Weekend), supporting +15,000 entrepreneurs.


That virtuous connection between entrepreneurship, mentoring and technology led me to a new path, Digital Transformation. Turning Sperto Business & Technology into a consulting firm specialized in this matter to support companies in order to change their thinking and value proposition, leveraging it on technologies and generate new competitive advantages, therefore responding to new changes in the environment.


Life brought me to Madrid 🇪🇸 to live and learn from new experiences, and while being here I am focused on supporting the development of entrepreneurship to generate well-being for internal talent, clients, community and environment, leveraged on technology as a valuable tool.


Now let me know about you, how can I help you? ✍🏻